• I may take Marco Arment’s approach to releasing a big new version this summer and dropping support for iOS 12 in my iOS 13 update.

  • The current shipping version of Unread supports iOS versions 10 through 12. It is quickly becoming apparent that supporting 12-13 will be more much involved than supporting 10-12.

  • Good crowd at the Boston Rally to Impeach Trump.


  • I will be at the Boston Rally to Impeach Trump today on the Boston Common at 1:00.

    There are also events in other cities.

  • Tonight’s CocoaHeads Boston agenda includes:

    If taking the red line, allow extra time due to fallout from Tuesday’s derailment.

  • I had a build In Review for over 48 hours, until I Developer Rejected it.

    Its successor was In Review for 3 minutes before being approved.

  • In Review for 24 hours. 😰

  • This blog post added a few things to my list of WWDC announcements to check out:

    WWDC 2019 - The Things You May Have Missed by Patrick Balestra

  • I want to release a major upgrade this summer. Struggling with existing functionality that won’t make sense in iOS 13. Options:

    • Include functionality knowing it will go away or change.
    • Exclude functionality without the iOS 13-based replacement.
    • Postpone until September.
  • CocoaHeads Boston will meet next Thursday, June 13. The agenda includes a presentation on SwiftUI by Marc Prud’hommeaux and an open discussion of WWDC announcements. We will also give away a ticket to SwiftFest and a JetBrains product.

  • I think there is a squirrel living in the walls of my house.

  • There will be nationwide rallies for impeachment on Saturday, June 15.

    The Boston event will be on the Boston Common.

  • A “git bisect” kind of day.

  • SwiftFest is coming back to Boston. July 29-30.

  • Despite my annoyance at the Mac Pro pricing, I am very excited by today’s keynote. Even without the Mac Pro announcement and without the SwiftUI announcements, it would have been a very impressive set of announcements.

  • Waiting at a bar inside North Station/Boston Garden for my commuter rail train. It’s getting difficult to feign interest in whether the Bruins win this Stanley Cup finals game.

  • Honestly, I thought the Mac Pro would start at $5k (without a display) and would have iMac Pro-like specs at that starting price. I thought the display would start at $2k tops. Out of my price range, but fair enough.

    The base model has 256GB of storage, half of what my $3k 2012 MacBook Pro has. The display stand costs an extra grand.

  • Thoughts from today’s announcements:

    • Project Catalyst looks promising.
    • The Mac Pro looks incredible, but what a price tag.
    • iPadOS 13 looks very interesting.
    • I like “Sign In with Apple”, low data mode, dark mode on iOS.
  • Waiting for the train to Boston for the CocoaHeads keynote viewing party. I feel particularly excited for this year’s announcements.

  • Waiting for Review.

    (This is a pre-beta build I submitted in order to get in-app purchases approved, but still a big milestone.)

  • I envy folks spending this week in San Jose, but I am also excited to watch the Keynote and Platforms State of the Union at the CocoaHeads Boston viewing party.

  • New iPod Touch purchased and configured. Provisioning profiles updated. Ready for iOS 13 beta.

  • CocoaHeads Boston will be hosting a viewing party for the WWDC Keynote and Platforms State of the Union. Please join us.

  • Anne Milgram, a former New Jersey Attorney General, tries to read Rod Rosenstein’s absurd resignation letter without cracking up.

  • I am debating whether to upgrade my 2012 Retina MacBook Pro. I wish a service existed that allowed me to definitively determine the compile time of my own projects on specific hardware models.

    If I buy anything it will be after the WWDC keynote.

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