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I recently deleted my Twitter client from my iPhone. That has helped me reduce my use of Twitter. I still use Tweetbot on my Mac.

This is not my best protest sign, but I am ready and excited for the March for Science.

Looking forward to the March for Science being held tomorrow.

If you have not already done so, please call your Senators to demand that they support the Special Counsel Integrity Act (S.1741).

via Stand Up Republic on Twitter

Reminder: there will be a rapid response protest in the event that Trump fires Rod Rosenstein or otherwise does something to impede the Special Counsel investigation.

Reminder: CocoaHeads Boston will be this Thursday evening.

I am going to Senator Markey’s town hall in Brockton later today.

Massachusetts folks:

Senator Warren is having a town hall in Dorchester on Thursday.

Senator Markey is having a town hall in Brockton on Sunday.

Photos from the Boston March For Our Lives

Pictures from the March For Our Lives in Boston

No WWDC ticket for me, but I am going to San Jose for AltConf.

March For Our Lives is tomorrow, here in Boston and in cities worldwide.

I can’t make it, but I hope it is a success.

This would be a good time to call your representatives in Congress and ask that they do everything in their power to protect the investigation of the Special Prosecutor.

Protect our Democracy: Tell Trump He Can’t Impede the Mueller Investigation

Reminder: There will be rapid response protests across the country in the event that Trump fires Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein.

Information about the Boston event is on this page and on this Facebook page.

I wrote a script to make it easier to keep up with App Store reviews via RSS. I also wrote a blog post with more details.

I like many things about, but this might be my favorite feature:…

I just released Unread 1.9.1 with support for Feedbin saved searches, haptic feedback improvements, and more.

I also just released Feed Hawk 1.7 adding support for Feedly.

Pictures from the 2018 Boston/Cambridge Women’s March.

These are a little old now, but I wanted something to check out Sunlit.

A blog post regarding a bug that I think affects numerous iPad apps, along with code to fix it:…

Merry Indictment Day!…