• I find it interesting that Google pays Mozilla, Apple, and other companies to be the default search engine. If Google did not pay I think they would still be the default search engine.

    Context: Mozilla lays off 250 employees while it refocuses on commercial products

  • CNN: Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s running mate

    I hoped that Kamala Harris would win the nomination, so I am delighted that she is on the ticket. She will wipe the floor with Pence in a debate.

  • The agenda for this week’s online CocoaHeads Boston meeting includes:

    • Marc Prud’hommeaux presenting μmemo – micro-memoization with Swift value types
    • @mitch presenting A few minutes with sysdiagnose

    New participants always welcome, as are participants who are not local.

  • Postal Service overhauls leadership as Democrats press for investigation of mail delays – The Washington Post

    If postal mail is the only way you feel safe voting, vote by mail. But I am starting to think the only way to be sure of your vote counting is to vote in-person.

  • That feeling when you write code, Xcode tells you it can’t compile that code, but then Xcode proceeds to run it anyway. Beta season.

  • Charlie Monroe:

    Hello everyone, today I woke up to my developer account being suspended without a single letter why which is why the apps are crashing. Please bear with me while I try to get this fixed with Apple. Thank you for understanding.

  • In the time I have owned my house, I have had three or four different garbage disposals. Most were broken for longer than they were functional. Finally today I had a plumber replace the broken garbage disposal with just a drain.


  • Three years ago today:

    Golden Hill Software Acquires Unread

  • “If App Stores are so great why is most Mac software sold outside the Mac App Store?”

    John Gruber, Daring Fireball

  • How did the inside of my iPhone case get so dirty?

  • Trump’s Secret Police Force

    Trump has been undermining our institutions and the rule of law since the start of his 2016 campaign, but his sending unidentified federal officers into Lafayette Square, into Portland, and into other cities represents his greatest threat to our democracy yet.

    It is already clear that this police force is operating outside the norms under which other law enforcement agencies operate. Individuals on this force do not wear nametags, badge numbers, or even an indication of what agency they represent. They are driving around in unmarked vans, forcing individuals into those vans, and then releasing them later. This police force is not releasing arrest records, and there is no evidence that it has charged a single person with a crime. Almost everything we know about this police force is based on observations of reporters and those abducted by this force.

    Today this police force appears to be focused on intimidating, abducting, assaulting, and teargassing protesters. What is next? Trump has articulated racist views against various minority groups. Will this police force start targeting members of those minority groups? Will it stop releasing its abductees after determining that it lacks probable cause?

    We know Trump will cheat in an attempt to win the 2020 election. He has already said that he might not accept the results. Will Trump deploy his secret police force to polling locations or to post offices in swing states?

    While the use of this police force has received national news coverage, I fear that this issue is not getting the urgent attention it demands. This secret police force needs to be stopped.

  • Rest in peace, John Lewis.

  • Boston Globe: Federal officers in unmarked vans detain Portland, Ore., protesters

    We are all inundated by alarming news stories, but I think this needs more attention.

  • I just released Unread 2.2. This update adds a variety of improvements including:

    • Mail Article, Mail Article Link, Pinboard, and Raindrop.io article actions.
    • Keyboard navigation improvements.

    Check out my blog post for more details.

  • The firings of Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, and Jim Comey were compared to the Saturday Night Massacre.

    Tonight another US attorney was fired and another Trump thug got his sentence commuted. And we think is the weekend here already?

  • Zev Eisenberg built Half Keyboard as an accessibility feature proof of concept.

  • CocoaHeads Boston will meet online this Thursday.

    New participants are always welcome. Being in the Boston area is not required. Get in touch for video conference details.

  • My aging eyes are very happy about the larger text in the left window pane of Xcode 12.

  • An Apple News widget responding to text size changes. I am fascinated by how it chooses which articles to display.

  • Installing 14 on my carry phone.

  • I had a great time at the Release Notes Happy Hour.

  • Check out LIVE-ish concurrent with WWDC 2020 if you have not already done so.

  • Unread had a bug that prevented it from launching on the iOS/iPadOS 14 beta. I just released a fix.

  • WidgetKit is impressive, but the lack of scrolling is a big limitation.

  • First Impressions of the WWDC Keynote

    • This is a big year for the Mac. I am excited about Apple’s processors. I am leery of the user interface changes.
    • It looks like the biggest change for most iOS and iPadOS apps will be home screen widgets.
    • I am surprised that SwiftUI was barely mentioned in the keynote.
    • They mentioned lots of Catalyst changes, but then talked about how the Mac could run iOS apps. I imagine this will be clarified in the State of the Union.

    Apple did a fantastic job with the presentation.

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