• The new White House website has an RSS feed.

  • I love that Joe Biden thanked his predecessors who were there, and then saluted Jimmy Carter. No reason to mention the other absent predecessor.

  • “Ah, now Biff, I want to make sure that we get two coats of wax this time. Not just one.”

  • A 30-day streak. 7E338B3B-AF3A-44BE-8ED7-65AFBD4CA7B6.jpg

  • Taking the day off.

  • Impeached a second time. ⚖️

  • Dan Sinker is rebooting impeachment.fyi. The site was a great news source during Trump’s first impeachment.

    The site has an RSS feed.

  • Mark Zuckerberg:

    We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great.

    Hardly moral courage at this point, but it’s a start. And it is more than Twitter has done.

  • Barack Obama says it perfectly.

  • “It’s time for Republicans to stand up and say this is wrong.”

    – Republicans who have said nothing in four years.

  • Georgia! And only two more weeks of lunacy from Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • I will remember 2020 as the year I gained an appreciation for haircuts.

  • In what is becoming a tradition for me, I started the new year by tidying and cleaning my office.

  • 2020 is over.

  • Updates to App Store Review Feed

    App Store Review Feed is a script that generates JSON feeds of App Store reviews. Apple makes reviews available via RSS, but Apple creates one feed per app per storefront (country). This script combines feeds so that there is one feed of reviews of an app. It also adds a Google Translate link for each review.

    I made some updates to this script:

    • The script now creates a date_published attribute for each review. That date is the date at which the script first found the review.
    • Previously the script would add an error entry if it could not retrieve a feed from a storefront. It no longer does this.
    • The primary branch of the repository is now main.

    If you have an app in the App Store and are looking for a better way to follow its reviews, check it out.

  • The most recent article in Barack Obama’s RSS feed from Medium contains only the first sentence and a link to the full article. I hope Medium is not switching to summary-only feeds.

  • I released Unread 2.4 with:

    • Widget Improvements
    • New Context Menu Option
    • Layout Adjustments
    • Messages Article Action

    Detailed release notes are available on my company blog.

  • I didn’t keep up with this year’s Microblogvember challenge, but hopefully next year I will do better at reinforcing a regular blogging habit.

  • Happy Thanksgiving all. 🦃

  • I thought he had already pardoned the turkey yesterday.

  • Dan Moren at Six Colors: Quick Tip: Enable Touch ID for sudo

    I just did this, and then used 1Password to generate a new password for my Mac. The new password is more secure than the old one, but still reasonable to lookup on my phone and type into my Mac occasionally.

  • Me last week: Planning to hold off a few weeks or months before installing Big Sur

    Me tonight: 1.49 GB of 12.18 GB – About 53 minutes remaining

  • I have been seeing mentions of Parler in the past few days and I did not know what it was. I finally Googled it this morning. Now I know. I am happy to be on Micro.blog instead.

  • Rest in peace, Alex Trebek.

  • Hey Siri, call the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.

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