• Thanks to Macworld for reviewing Unread 2.

  • Congratulations to Stefan Reitshamer on the release of Arq 6. I have been using Arq to back up my Macs since before version 1.0.

  • Is it weird that my way of unwinding at the end of the day recently has been to watch Andrew Cuomo’s press briefings?

  • My smoke detectors did not get the memo that this is not the best time to demand new batteries.

  • I ran out of coffee a few days ago.

    Today I finally have a reason important enough to go into a store. I can get coffee now!

  • Watching Back to the Future. In 1985, 1955 looked like a much more innocent time.

  • Pete Buttigieg guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel last night. The monologue is hilarious.

  • Tonight we had our Boston CocoaHeads meeting online. I missed the in-person interaction of our regular meetings, but it went well.

  • In line at grocery store. There is one line snaked all the way to the back of the store. This is far beyond even a just-before-Thanksgiving crowd.


  • “Because a lot of people depend on the White House getting stuff right.”


  • I voted. BCCC093F-173A-4C7F-8DB8-BF44EEEB1FF4.jpg

  • Lets Encrypt is revoking some certificates on March 4. You can use an online tool to determine whether your certificate is affected.

  • My Primary Vote

    I vote in the primary tomorrow. I decided to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

    Since I do not have a registered party affiliation I can vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary. I seriously considered voting in the Republican primary for Bill Weld, a decent Republican (really!) challenging Trump for the nomination. My thinking was that this was the best way to use my vote to weaken Trump.

    But I decided to vote in the Democratic primary for Elizabeth Warren. There are other good candidates for the Democratic nomination, but I think she will make the best President.

  • Safari Rejecting Long-Lived HTTPS Certificates

    The most recent episode of ATP has a good discussion regarding browsers rejecting certificates with lifetimes longer than 13 months.

    In the late 90’s and for the first few years of this millennium I ran my own mail server, mostly as a hobby. When I started doing this it was easy and fun, but it became increasingly difficult. It became harder to defend against spammers and to prevent outgoing mail from being flagged as spam. I would not want to run my own mail servers today.

    I think requiring all web traffic to be HTTPS is a good thing. Requiring certificates to have shorter lifetimes has security benefits. But I worry that the increase in requirements of running a simple web server will make doing so as unappealing as running a mail server is today.

  • Joe Biden is projected to win South Carolina. My streak of incorrect predictions regarding US politics is still going strong.

  • Congratulations to @mattie on the launch of Chime, a Go editor for macOS.

  • I shipped Unread 2! Improvements include:

    • Automatic webpage text (Readability) for feeds that contain only article summaries
    • Subscription management
    • Hardware keyboard support
    • Multiple windows
    • New article list layout

    Details in this blog post.

  • This debate is by far the most fiery thus far.

  • This episode of Stay Tuned is a fascinating interview of Dan Goldman, the lawyer who led the Democrats’ public questioning of impeachment witnesses.

  • We have a strong agenda for this evening’s CocoaHeads Boston meeting, with presentations by Marc Prud’hommeaux and Chris Ladd.

  • An episode of Stay Tuned where Preet Bharara (former US Attorney for SDNY) and Anne Milgram (former AG of NJ) describe the abnormality of Barr interfering with Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation.

  • If I was a gambler I would be losing a lot of money on the Iowa and New Hampshire results.

    A year ago I would have guessed the front runners to be Warren, O’Rourke, Harris, and Biden.

  • Starting in iOS 13.4, SSReadingList.default()?.addItem(...) prompts the user for consent before adding a webpage to Safari Reading List. I can appreciate the need for this, but I filed FB7573628 asking that Apple provide an “Always Allow” option.

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