• I released Unread 2.4 with:

    • Widget Improvements
    • New Context Menu Option
    • Layout Adjustments
    • Messages Article Action

    Detailed release notes are available on my company blog.

  • I didn’t keep up with this year’s Microblogvember challenge, but hopefully next year I will do better at reinforcing a regular blogging habit.

  • Happy Thanksgiving all. 🦃

  • I thought he had already pardoned the turkey yesterday.

  • Dan Moren at Six Colors: Quick Tip: Enable Touch ID for sudo

    I just did this, and then used 1Password to generate a new password for my Mac. The new password is more secure than the old one, but still reasonable to lookup on my phone and type into my Mac occasionally.

  • Me last week: Planning to hold off a few weeks or months before installing Big Sur

    Me tonight: 1.49 GB of 12.18 GB – About 53 minutes remaining

  • I have been seeing mentions of Parler in the past few days and I did not know what it was. I finally Googled it this morning. Now I know. I am happy to be on Micro.blog instead.

  • Rest in peace, Alex Trebek.

  • Hey Siri, call the Four Seasons in Philadelphia.

  • A shame that the Four Seasons Landscaping Company front step was unavailable for this event.

    Also, the Biden family and Harris family genuinely look happy in a way we’ve not seen from political families in a while.

  • My hopes have been inflated. But the random word generator is making this a bit too easy. 😁 @macgenie

  • Joe Biden Succeeds Barack Obama as President of the United States

    After twelve years, Barack Obama’s time as President has come to an end. President Obama’s third term accomplishments were limited by a lack of legal authority and access to government resources, but those limitations did not prevent him from providing the country’s leadership. During his third term President Obama healed the nation after Parkland, Charlottesville, the murder of George Floyd, and the murder of Breonna Taylor; eulogized Elijah Cummings, John Lewis, and John McCain; delivered an online commencement speech to 2020 graduates; inspired Americans to fight for equality; and warned that COVID needs to be taken seriously. I will miss President Obama, but I am happy to see him pass the torch to President Biden.

  • The Washington Post: USPS processed 150,000 ballots after Election Day, jeopardizing thousands of votes

    I hope Attorney General Yates investigates likely crimes committed by postal service leadership.

  • I worked at a polling location yesterday. We had a line out the door for the first two hours. We had one voter with whom the police officer needed to have a conversation, and another who insisted on exercising his right to vote with no mask. But overall things went smoothly.

  • CDDEE98E-8247-44A4-A7D7-6AF2D51EAEF7.jpg

  • 😱

  • November 3 is here. Let’s do this, America.

  • Many of us are finding it difficult to concentrate.

    I know the #mbnov words are chosen randomly, but so far they are well-suited to the mood.

  • Tuesday’s Election

    If you are eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election and have not already done so, please do so in-person on Tuesday. If you voted by mail and cannot confirm online that your ballot was received and counted, please go to your polling location and ask. If you requested a mailed ballot and did not receive one, or if you received one but never returned it, please vote in-person. You should be able to get a provisional ballot if the status or location of your mailed ballot is unclear.

    If you have questions, visit iwillvote.com.

  • Many of us are feeling dreary right now, but 🤞 for a good week.

  • I signed up to call some Florida voters tomorrow.

  • Today is the first day of in-person early voting in my city. I voted. A8492BD4-A7DB-443F-857C-BA63070BA3C6.jpg

  • This debate format is a huge improvement.

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