• I am excited to see MarsEdit 5 ship. I particularly like its Markdown syntax highlighting and its new microposting feature. Check it out. Congratulations @danielpunkass.

    Posted with MarsEdit 5.

  • 🎶 Georgia On My Mind 🎶

  • What happens if the Georgia Senate race ends in a tie?

  • At this week’s CocoaHeads Boston meeting @fcanas@mastodon.social will present both ScreenSearch and a huge performance improvement to SPM.

    The meeting is this Thursday at 7pm Boston time via Zoom. New folks and folks outside the Boston area are always welcome.

  • I wish I had brined my turkey, but it came out good. One guest who is a better cook than I (and who would not give me an idle compliment) said she was impressed.

  • It’s done. Earlier than I wanted it to be. I am concerned about the dark skin, but think that’s just because it was on a barbecue. 10E00FDE-7903-4B33-87C5-7D588C2509C4.jpg

  • It’s done. Earlier than I wanted it to be. I am concerned about the dark skin, but think that’s just because it was on a barbecue. 10E00FDE-7903-4B33-87C5-7D588C2509C4.jpg

  • AE5F3E69-E912-4EC4-BB0B-BE06E2FEF725.jpg

  • If you follow me here via Mastodon you may not know that I cannot see my list of followers. If you follow me, I probably want to follow you back. Say “hi” and I will.

  • Well, it’s official. One of the issues folks can “debate in a healthy manner, without resorting to violence” on Twitter is whether to murder the Vice President and all of Congress after losing a Presidential election. Thank goodness it won’t become a “free-for-all hellscape”.

  • I released Unread 3.2 with new custom app icons, a new “Blue on Black theme”, article action improvements, and more.

  • It is difficult to see in the photo, but there are two deer — one behind the other. A0330C14-FA24-4FAB-B488-5EA328E7A27C.jpg

  • I setup a Mastodon server for my business. You can now follow Unread on Mastodon or on Micro.blog.

    Details in this blog post.

  • Last evening’s CocoaHeads Boston included a great presentation by @hyperjeff about Physical. Physical provides a nice Swift syntax for manipulating physical measures - like 10.5.centimeters + 3.3.feet.

  • CocoaHeads Boston will meet via Zoom tomorrow evening at 7pm Boston time. New participants and participants outside the Boston area are always welcome.

  • Great turnout at my polling location today. Not November 2020 level, but at least 3x the turnout we saw in the September primary.

  • It’s election day in the US. I am the clerk for a precinct in my city. 🗳️

  • I am looking forward to tonight’s NSHappyHour meetup. Join us if you are a local Mac/iOS developer or have adjacent interests. Lobster Shanty in Salem MA at 6:30 PM.

  • I need to start thinking about a Thanksgiving feast.

  • Crazy day: Need to figure out the source of a crash, watch for an important OpenSSL security update, deal with a water meter repair appointment, and hopefully make some progress on other work.

  • Occasionally I need to follow a link in the footer of a webpage, but I can’t because the webpage loads new content above the footer before I can click the link. The only way to click the link is to temporarily disable JavaScript.

  • Today is the first day of early voting in Massachusetts for the midterms.

    My “I voted” sticker
  • Apps Installed on iPhone 14 Pro via TestFlight

    Geoff Hackworth:

    To add more confusion, it seems that iPhone 14 Pro devices running TestFlight builds made with Xcode 14 are behaving as if they were Xcode 13 builds. That is, the iPhone 12/13 Pro layout is being scaled to fill the larger screen of the 14 Pro devices. This explains why Simon Støvring was seeing different behaviour when running through Xcode or a TestFlight build. Hopefully that will be fixed soon, but Anton Sotkov has seen it in Xcode 14.0 and 14.1 beta 2, and with iOS 16.0 and iOS 16.1 beta 2.

    This results in Unread having a strange layout when installed via TestFlight. The same build works as expected when installed via the App Store or when run on an iPhone 14 Pro simulator from Xcode 14.

    More generally, it is a serious problem that the behavior of a build when installed via TestFlight is so different from that same build when installed via the App Store.

    I filed FB11631549.

  • It’s election day here in Massachusetts. I am the clerk at a polling location in my city.

  • At the New Hampshire Fisher Cats game.


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